Yashobhumi Obituary Display Ads

One of the most common type of newspaper adverts are obituary notices. Such posts are also commonly called death notices. They are published by the bereaved family who has lost someone close to their heart. Usually, such notices are published immediately after one or two days of the demise of someone. The notices are meant to make death announcement so that more and more people can get to know about the unfortunate incident.


A death notice or an obituary post usually has a standard tone and content. They provide all the details viz. the date of death of an individual, the ceremonies that will follow, survivor details and a short message from the bereaved family to commemorate the one bygone. Plus, they also provide contact details of the survivors so that people who are known to the bereaved family can connect with them.

Obituary Display Ads in Yashobhumi


Though you can choose any newspaper to book your notice but the best option is to choose the newspaper which is catering to the local population of your area. Choose the news journal that most of the people read within your area. A local or a community news journal will be a good option for this purpose or you can also select the local edition of the newspaper of your choice.

When we talk about popular Hindi newspapers that have a wide readership in Mumbai, we cannot miss out on Yashobhumi. The latter is published from Mumbai and is one of the widely read papers. People book Yashobhumi obituary display advertisement, classified text ads and display notices to make death announcements. Advertisement in Yashobhumi newspaper have mass reach as the paper is read by many across the city.

To make Yashobhumi ad booking for Mumbai, you can take the help of Myadvtcorner which is one of the leading websites for classified ad bookings.  You can fill-up the online form and make online payment over a secured payment gateway.

For more details visit the website or connect with the customer assistance team of the service provider.

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