Ajit Samachar Matrimonial Classified Display Ads

Majority of us want to get married. The reasons to settle down with someone may vary but everyone seeks companionship that is for sure. It can be said that everyone wants a partner as they do not want to be alone in the journey of life. Consequently, they find their life partner from every possible channel.

Newspapers have been a primary source of such partner search as many people have been publishing matrimonial notices in newspapers for decades now. Till today people rely on this medium to search for their life partner. Almost every national daily, regional news journal as well as vernacular is flooded with such notices from prospective match-seekers.

One such newspaper that has never seen dearth of such marriage notices is Ajit Samachar. People have been publishing Ajit Samachar Newspaper Ads for matrimonial purposes for quite sometime now and have received above average response so far. Hence, more and more people are driven towards Matrimonial Classified Display Ads in Ajit Samachar as well as classified text advert format. However, the former one i.e. classified display adverts are capable of providing a better response than the latter one.

Ajit Samachar Matrimonial CD Ads

The newspaper is quite popular amongst the people of Punjab and hence they prefer this newspaper over any other news broadsheet. For Punjab newspaper advertisement one can consider this news broadsheet.

A typical matrimonial notice consists of details about the advertiser viz. their family, educational background, professional details and partner preferences along with contact details. It is noteworthy here that all such information is provided in a crisp manner so as to avoid exceeding the word limit. Secondly, the extra lines in the advert particularly in the case of a classified text ad format are charged additionally. On the other hand, in the case of a classified display advert format the font is colored as well as larger in size than the former type of advert. They are meant to highlight the information and therefore are costlier than the former category of ad posts.

Marriages are said to be made in heaven but we at human level should never escape from making best efforts and here in this case the effort is to find the suitable life-partner that is compatible with us in every aspect.

So, if you are seeking marriage then do not shy away from publishing a matrimonial notice in Ajit Samachar newspaper.

For any query related to Matrimonial Classified Display ad booking for Ajit Samachar Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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