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First published on 22 March 1890, Malayala Manorama newspaper has reached a circulation of 2,372,256 (as of Jan-Jun 2016) according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. With its headquarters in Kottayam, Kerala, the newspaper operates 19 printing centres including those in Doha, Dubai and Manama in the Middle-East. With this base, Malayala Manorama’s circulation has become the third largest in India and the world’s 14th highest. It is clearly the leading choice of Malayalam readers all over the globe.

A big reason for this growth is the high standard of its journalism and news coverage not only at the national level but also regional as well as international – spanning politics, business, economics, lifestyle, astrology, sports, entertainment, music, the arts, travel, engineering and technology – thereby catering to the widest possible taste of readers.

To cater to the needs of such a variety of readers, Malayala Manorama also carries advertising in categories such as: • Matrimonial • Property • Education • Retail • Business • Marriage Bureau • Computers • Travel • And more.

Malayala Manorama Ads

Advertising in these topics are carried in three categories:

Classified Text

Classified text ads are the simplest run-on-line (ROL) ads are the cheapest as they are charged by the number of lines used subject to a minimum of three lines. At extra cost their visibility can be raised by using colour, ticks, bold text and outlines.

Classified Display

Classified display (CD) ads cost more as they are charged by the sq. cm. and use richer formatting such as colours, logos, small visuals and a variety of typefaces. These are also printed in the classified pages of the newspaper.


Display ads are the most expensive allowing elaborate advertising with no restrictions on size, colours, pages or positions in pages. They permit be creative uploads of designs as an image as planned.

This background is to guide advertisers about basic questions like: Why advertise? Where to advertise? Why advertise in Malayala Manorama? What justifies the cost of advertising?

The short answers are:

• To inform those who don’t know, how what you advertise can help them and to invest in it – for your benefit also

• The options are many including press, electronic, outdoor, transit…

• Malayala Manorama’s benefits include widest reach in its language, cost-effective rates and much more – so much so that this newspaper is known as “The brand that builds brands”.

• The returns not only create awareness of what is advertised but help repay the investment in the advertising cost. More elaborate answers can be found through research. eases the entire process right at your fingertips because it is the online arm of a full service advertising agency which has been accredited to the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) for over 25 years.

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