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You might have come across notices in news journals with a photograph of a person along with other details. Such posts are nothing but death notices that are published by the surviving family after their loved one departs from this world. There are more elaborate posts called obituary, that in addition to notifying people about the death of an individual also serve as a tribute to the one bygone describing their life and accomplishments.

An obituary notice contains anecdotal facts about the departed soul that adds a personal touch to the notice. To be more specific, an obituary post acts as a historical document about the deceased telling people about their past. Nowadays, obituary ads are published in newspapers that have blurred the boundaries of both i.e. death notices as well as an obituary post. Obituary ads contain the details of the departed soul viz.

  • Photograph
  • Date and location of death
  • Date of birth
  • Survivor details
  • A short biography or a message from the bereaved family for the one bygone
  • Contact details etc.


To book an obituary notice you can make your ad reservations with the help of Myadvtcorner a popular website catering to the advertising needs of people from across India. It is an authentic and reliable channel whose credibility is reflected from the fact that it is run by INS accredited newspaper ad agency Mind Makers Communications Private Limited.



Suppose you have to make obituary ad bookings in Kolkata you can do the same by filling-up the online form. For booking Times of India Kolkata obituary ads check out the various ad packages and select the one that fits in your budget.

Usually, people do not book obituary ads repeatedly because such posts are not meant to generate a reader response.  Hence, publishing an obituary post just once is enough. However, keep in mind to make urgent bookings for such posts to avoid delay. Make Times of India ad booking for Kolkata ASAP so that the notice is published on time.

With the help of Myadvtcorner you will get the ad space within minutes and you won’t be required to visit the centre for newspaper ad booking in Kolkata.

For more details visit the website or connect with the customer assistance team.  

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