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If someone in your immediate circle has passed away then without delay book an obituary post in the newspaper. You can choose any news journal of your choice from national dailies, regional newspapers, vernaculars, etc. as all the news broadsheets provide ad space for such posts.

You might have noticed printed notices in the newspapers with a photograph of the deceased and along with other details including ceremonies post death that are to be followed, survivor details, contact numbers of the surviving family, etc. All such posts are called obituary or death notices.


As already mentioned, you can select any news journal depending on the city where you are putting up (which means check the readership of the newspaper in that particular city). Say for instance you are residing in Hyderabad, you can go for Times of India because the newspaper is quite popular and widely read in the city. Times of India Hyderabad Obituary Ads, will help you send across your notice to a wide population or reader base and maximum people will get to know about the unfortunate news.

Times of India Hyderabad Obituary Advertisement


You do not have to visit the newspaper office with your ad request for this purpose. Instead you can take the simplified route by going online. The online method will help you get the ad space quickly. To make Times of India Ad Booking for Hyderabad, you can take the help of Myadvtcorner which is one of the renowned websites for newspaper ad bookings run by Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd. an INS accredited newspaper ad agency.

You do not need to wander here and there or get into a trap of fake agencies for newspaper ad booking in Hyderabad. The team at Myadvtcorner will assist you completely in your booking process and you will get the ad space within no time!

For more details about the booking process and ad rates you can check out the website or call on the customer assistance numbers.

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