Whenever a government agency or a legislative body issues a notice which is about any legal proceeding, change in authority or any major change about the concerned entity that holds public importance it is called a Public Notice. These notices are usually published in news journals so as to spread the post far and wide. Every newspaper offers ad space for such posts and hence an ad seeker can choose any paper as per their needs and budget.

One of the popular English language newspapers i.e. Hindustan Times also provides ad space for such notices. One can book Hindustan Times Public Notice classified display Advertisement, classified text adverts and display posts. In case you want to make Public Notice ad booking for Mumbai, you can do the same as the newspaper is also published in Mumbai along with other cities all across the country.

Public Notice Advertisement

To make your bookings you need not visit newspaper ad booking Centre Mumbai rather can make your bookings via online mode. Now, the best online method is to make your bookings via Myadvtcorner which is a popular website for newspaper classified ad bookings. It provides a hassle-free and quick way of reserving the ad slot. You will get discounts and rebates on all ad packages. You can check out the ad rates available on the website and choose the one that suits your requirements the best. You can also go for the customized ad packages as per your needs. For this you can take the help of customer assistance team of the service provider and they will help you run the best ad campaign possible!

To know about the content and format of the Public Notices, check out the ad samples available online that will provide you reference to create your draft. Reference posts are really helpful for ad seekers who have never published a particular type of ad post previously.

So, book a Public Notice without visiting the newspaper ad booking center while sitting in the comfort of your office with just a few finger clicks!


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