Times of India Recruitment Classified Ads

Hire the best talent that you want for your company via Times Ascent Advertisement. It is a classified advert supplement wherein you can publish Recruitment Ads in Times of India. It is the supplement newspaper of The Times of India. The latter is a renowned news journal that is best-liked newspaper of the people across the nation.

Newspapers have always helped recruiting managers to announce their job vacancies. Such posts are read by job seekers and hence they act on such notices published in the newspaper. It is quite commendable that in the world of internet where websites are dominating the sphere newspapers are still holding an important position in the world of advertising and promotion.

One can book recruitment adverts for any place while sitting anywhere i.e. in the comfort of home or office. For instance if one wants to make Recruitment Ad booking for Bangalore you can do this via online mode which is one of the convenient ways booking. A typical recruitment notice consists of all the details of the job vacancy viz educational qualifications, experience if any, desired skill-set, selection procedure, also the contact details of the concerned person, etc.

Times Ascent Ads

One can choose any of the advert format for job notices i.e. classified text ads or classified display adverts. Display ad posts that are the third type of format that is mostly used for commercial advertising i.e. announcing sale, new product launch, etc.

Job notices help recruiters connect with suitable candidates. Plus, a newspaper ad post is way economical than other channels of advertising. Every ad seeker can publish a notice within their budget. People who do not want to spend more can go for classified text ads and the ones who are ready to shell out more money can choose costlier formats.

It is also advisable that to get better deals i.e. discounts and rebates on bookings one can take the help of a newspaper ad agency instead of approaching the news journal directly as such a move will definitely prove to be costly for them. It is better that they take the help of a mediator that will negotiate the price for them and help them get the ad space at a much lesser price.

So, now that you know all the benefits of newspaper advertising, consider publishing a job notice in a news journal and see the difference.

For any query related to Recruitment ad booking for The Times of India Newspaper for Bangalore, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com


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