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Who will walk along with you during the journey of life? Who will be your confidante for the rest of your life? With whom you will share happy and sad moments? These are a few questions that certainly crop up in your mind and it is during such times that you think of settling down and finding a life-partner. However, these questions also raise another important question which is “How to find a perfect life-partner?”


Finding a perfect life-partner is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and head hunting! It is due to this that people seeking a matrimonial alliance try to find a suitable match through every channel possible. One of these are newspapers. Latter, have not just been the source of news but have helped many in their partner search as well.

The Tribune is a popular newspaper that needs absolutely no introduction. It is one of the most sought-after papers for publishing a matrimonial advert. People book The Tribune matrimonial classified advertisement to connect with the like-minded people who want to go ahead with a matrimonial alliance.

Tribune Chandigarh Matrimonial Classified Ads


One of the most hassle-free ways of booking matrimonial ad is via Myadvtcorner. Latter provides you an instant method to reserve your ad slot for a matrimonial advert. You need not visit The Tribune newspaper ad booking centre to get the ad space and everything will be done with a few finger clicks!

With the help of this channel you can book Ads in The Tribune for Chandigarh, Delhi, Kolkata, Karnal, Ambala, etc.

You can hop on the website that has a user-friendly platform through which you can make your bookings. While filling up the online ad booking form mention the following things:

  • Newspaper and its edition.
  • City where you want to get your notice published.
  • Date of publication
  • Ad package that fits in your budget.
  • Ad format viz. classified text ads, classified display ads (the third category which is display advertisement are not usually used to publish a matrimonial post. They are more often used for commercial advertising to promote products or services).

For more queries regarding your ad campaign, drop a mail or connect with the customer care team on a call.


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