The Tribune Obituary Ads

Obituary posts are usually published in news journals because of the fact that they get wider readership. Throwing light on some of the benefits of the newspaper adverts; Printed ad posts are best way to advertise, promote or convey a message to a large population base. Plus, there is another benefit that lures people and compels them to book printed adverts and that is their low cost per readership. With the latter we mean that newspaper adverts are economical when compared with other channels. Say for instance if you opt for a radio advert it will cost you more, similarly a Television commercial will also cost you more (and the cost will touch skies if you opt for the prime time slot for your advertisement). However, this is not the case with newspaper advertising because it offers you plenty of opportunity to advertise and promote in an economic way.

A lot of people publish adverts in news journals that range from National Dailies, Regional Papers, community or Local papers etc. They book ad posts under various categories and one such is obituary or death notices that people get published after the death of their loved one. As far as newspapers are concerned there is one news chronicle that offers advert space for such notices and is widely read and that is The Tribune.

The Tribune Chandigarh Obituary Ads

A lot of people book The Tribune Obituary Display ads, classified text ads and classified display adverts to make death announcements. Usually Display adverts are best to entice the readers and they are used for commercial advertising. They immediately capture reader attention due to their size and graphics and fonts that are incorporated to convey the message. They are half, full or quarter page ad posts.

You can make Obituary Ad booking for Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune, Noida, Mumbai, etc. in The Tribune because the paper has wide readership. If you also want to reserve your ad slot for Obituary Classified Display Advertisement then go via online route that will make your bookings instantly. You will not have to go all the way to the newspaper office to make the bookings. Your bookings can be made by any of your friends or person known to you. It is not mandatory for you to make bookings for an obituary notice.

So, without delay make your bookings in The Tribune to make death announcement.

For any query related to Obituary ad booking for The Tribune Newspaper for Chandigarh, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at


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