Times of India Name Change Ads

To get a new name you must follow the three step process that is mandatory for name change. Following are the three major steps that you must follow in order to get a new name:

  • Get an affidavit published for name change
  • Get a newspaper notice published for name change
  • Get a gazette notification published for name

Now talking about the second step i.e. a newspaper notice for name change. You can choose any news journal of your choice for this purpose. Every newspaper whether it is a national daily or a regional paper offer ad space for such notices. Times of India is a renowned name among English language national dailies and it offers ad space for name change posts. A lot of people book Times of India name change classified ads to change their name or make changes to the existing name (i.e. change of spelling etc.) or to change their surname.


To make bookings for name change advertisement in Newspaper you can take the help of Myadvtcorner which is one of the popular websites for newspaper classified ad bookings. It offers great discounts and rebates on all ad packages. You can also request for a customized ad package in case you do not want to choose from the available ad packages. For this you will have to connect with the customer assistance team of the service provider and they will help you in the booking process as well as creating an engaging ad copy. Though, name change notices are usually public notices and are not meant to generate a reader response and are simply to make announcement of the name change act of an individual but drafting them in the appropriate manner is important so that no information is left out. In case you are not sure about the format and content of such posts, you can look for the sample notices that are available online. The sample notices will provide you reference and you will be able to draft your notice in an efficient manner.

Name Change Ads

One of the biggest advantages of making online bookings is that you need not visit the newspaper office with your ad request and everything will be taken care of with just a few finger-clicks! It is a convenient method to reserve the ad slot in any newspaper and for any city. For instance you want to make newspaper ad booking in Bangalore you can do the same via online mode. For this all you have to do is fill-up the online ad booking form and make payment over a secured payment gateway by Net Banking, Credit or Debit card, NEFT, etc.

So, go ahead and make your bookings for name change ad posts in Times of India.


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