Purvanchal Prahari Newspaper Ads

For the promotion and branding of a product or service advertising is vital. Of the many kinds of media available – electronic, digital, outdoor, print etc. – the press medium has a critical role. For this reason, the circulation of newspapers is also rising across India. Even in north-eastern India, they have been accepted by the people as reliable carriers of local, regional, national and international news. One such publication is Purvanchal Prahari.

Purvanchal Prahari is a widely read Hindi daily newspaper. Launched in 1989 by G. L. Publications, it is published from Guwahati, Jorhat and North Lakhimpur in Assan and has a total circulation of 47, 290 in the given locations. Popular for the quality of its coverage of topics such as politics, health, fitness, education, business, science & technology, celebrity, etc., Purvanchal Prahari advertising has been beneficial to many because of the following reasons:

Timely print: One of the biggest advantages of advertising in Purvanchal Prahari are short deadlines which allow ads to be published even in 24 hours.

Active medium: Since print ads engage consumers more than any other medium, the average print ad could be up to five times more likely to be remembered than the best digital ads.

Unlimited creativity: Space available ranges from tiny to multiple display ads on a page, one can create a variety of ads. Also creative layouts like Sky bus, jacket etc. are also available.

Responsive readers: Readers of Purvanchal Prahari are more likely to purchase products advertised on its pages because their high trust in what it prints.

Valued advertising: Purvanchal Prahari is reputed for its credible coverage of local, regional, national and international matters. This has built tremendous trust in readers of ads printed within.

Formats: Purvanchal Prahari prints ads in three formats:

Classified Text: The cheapest option of advertising is in the form of text ads in the classified section. These are printed on Purvanchal Prahari’s classified pages in run-on-line (ROL) text format. At extra cost, enhancements like screen, tick, colour for more visibility can be made.

Classified Display: A costlier option is charged per square cm of the area used for the advertisement. There is a constraint to the size of Classified Display (CD) Ads, but it can be customised using logo, image, different fonts and colour to enhance the advertisement.

Display: This costliest option has no constraints about the sizes of the ads and is also charged per square cm of the area used for the advertisement. One can choose Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page or any other size of ad besides the Page and Position.

Rebates: Every edition of Purvanchal Prahari has a different rate. However, repetition in the same edition or combo-rates with more than one edition may result in an overall cost-reduction.

Easy method:

Choose the category of ad – classified text/classified display/display.

Choose an edition – Guwahati/Jorhat/North Lakhimpur.

Choose the category for the ad – matrimonial, recruitment, obituary, etc.

Compose the ad for classified/classified display/display.

Select date, make payment.


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