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Education is a time honoured practice sought by people of all age groups in every part of the world. It is also sought by each kind of institution in a position to impart whatever learning is in their position to impart it. These include elementary and primary schools, colleges of different categories, universities of all kinds besides institutes of technical education, even individuals imparting tuition in clerical, artistic and musical subjects, sports and a variety of non-technical and non-scientific subjects. All these are best promoted through education advertisements in newspapers.

For this purpose, the most cost-effective media are the newspapers of all kinds mainly those who are members of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) The society was founded in 1939. Its headquarters are at Rafi Marg, New Delhi. INS membership comprises the owners, proprietors and publishers of print media who discusses and suggests various measures to the government regarding the problems related to the newspaper industry. It is a kind of pressure group which works to protect the interest of newspaper industry in particular and print media in general. INS also regulates the advertising rates by each newspaper. The biggest such newspaper in southern India is Eenadu.

Eenadu Newspaper Ads

Launched in 1974, Eenadu (“Today” in Telugu) is a broadsheet daily newspaper which is the largest circulated Telugu newspaper in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) Q1 2019, Eenadu ranks fourth among the Indian language dailies with a total readership (TR) of 1,56,73,000. It has a circulation of 1,862 daily (as of Jan-Jun 2017) according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation and is a broadsheet Telugu daily newspaper which is the largest circulated Telugu newspaper in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Eenadu carries ads in three categories as cost-effective options for advertisers:

Education Classified Ads, Education Classified Display Ads, Education Display Advertisement

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