Matrimonial Ads in Daily Excelsior Newspaper

Daily Excelsior is a broadsheet English newspaper published in Jammu in the Jammu and Kashmir with a daily circulation of 230,000. It carries ads in various categories like Matrimonial (on Sundays), Property, Recruitment, Lost and Found, Education, Business, Personal, Court Notices, Public Notices, Change of Name, Travel, Obituary, Remembrance, Services, Computers and more.

This range is prompted by its wide readership because its local, regional, national and global news along with relevant articles and editorials make the newspaper a big draw among its readers. Consequently, advertisers find Daily Excelsior a worthwhile newspaper to invest their publicity budgets with special relevance to its publicity.

To make an Advertisement in Daily Excelsior a bigger attraction, the newspaper offers three formats:

Classified Text: This cheapest option of advertising is charged @ Rs/word/line subject to various policies. These are printed on Daily Excelsior’s run-on-line (ROL) text format. At extra cost, enhancements like screen, tick, colour for more visibility can be made.

Daily Excelsior Newspaper Classified Ads

Classified Display: This costlier option is charged @ Rs/square cm of the area used for the advertisement. There is a constraint to the size of Classified Display (CD) Ads, but, at extra cost, its visibility can be increased by using such devices as logo, image, different fonts and colour. CD Ads also appear in the classified ad section of the newspaper.

Display: This costliest option has no constraints about the sizes of the ads and is also charged @ Rs per square cm of the area used for the advertisement. One can choose Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page or any other size of ad besides the Page and Position.

Daily Excelsior Newspaper Ads

With this background, Daily Excelsior Matrimonial Ads can be made cost-effective through judicious choice of formats and fonts. Through this method, someone wanting to place English Bride Wanted Ads or Groom Wanted ads for marriageable prospects anywhere in the state of Jammu and Kashmir will find Daily Excelsior the most cost-effective and far-reaching newspaper available anywhere in India.

After all, Daily Excelsior offers matrimonial preferences such as age, caste, community, language, nationality, profession, religion and more only in the country’s northernmost state.

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