Divya Himachal Property Ads

Vacant property is actually an asset and cannot be considered as barren land these days. They are now gradually assuming the form of real estate and individual properties and therefore valuable land that can earn profits galore. The owners have found that such property are far from arid lands and treat such land with the respect they deserve. This is why they become parts of buildings and houses which are sufficiently well designed and furnished well enough to attract the possible tenants and buyers who would be interested in buying such properties. That is one way that empty land becomes a profit-earning possession. It is also one reason a Property Advertisement has why has such demand in newspapers in any language.

One example is Divya Himachal a Hindi language daily newspaper of Himachal Pradesh, circulating in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttranchal and Chandigarh (UT). Launched on 29 December 1997 it now has four editions – namely Dharamshala, Shimla, Chandigarh and Punjab. The newspaper has its head office at Matour which also includes the “Samarpan Printers”, the printing press from which DH is published.

Every newspaper has a certain credibility associated with it – especially for property sellers, says a study. Buyers tend to rely on property ads highly in the newspaper. Hence, every corner of a highly rated daily has an easy edge over any random article. Property Ad in Divya Himachal Newspaper brings one’s choice of placing property ads in newspapers comes into play. Reserving a place in any newspaper of your choice to ferry informations not only lends it a sense of authenticity but also helps you reach beyond your immediate neighbourhood. To reach beyond your space in a newspaper to convey your needs is a smart move. Over 80% of buyers actually see a property ad in the newspaper and actually make the effort to call the seller. Over 40% are found to have even go to the site for a visit.

Now suppose you are a potential seller trying out to dispose of a particular property. In the usual way, you would first look over what interests. You may then approach and advertise to them individually. Even if you manage to get someone else to do the job, you might well get involved in some form of unwanted money laundering. This process can be avoided by simply choosing to approach a newspaper you already have faith in. Actually, such a step will not only qualify you as a genuine seller but will also ensure that you only get approached by qualified buyers. The entire process, you will to see, is not only easier, but much more efficient.

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