Businesses promote their offerings through news journals. Newspapers have been a prime vehicle of advertising and promotion for a very long time. They provide an economic method of advertising. Why we say economic? Because news journals are way cheaper than other channels viz. Electronic media i.e. Radio and Television.

Almost all the companies and organizations book business ad in newspaper to promote their services and goods. It is due to this that all the news journals be it national dailies, regional newspapers, vernaculars, etc. provide ad space for such adverts.

One of the popular news journals which is Times of India (needs no introduction of course!) provides ad space for business ads. And large as well as small scale businesses book Times of India business classified advertisement to reach out to their target customer segment.



The cost of business ads vary, as per the following parameters:

  • The format of such posts i.e. whether they are classified text ads, classified display ads or display adverts.
  • The slot that an ad seeker chooses i.e. if it is a prime slot which is the front page of the newspaper then the cost will be more than the other slots on the newspaper.

(NOTE: Mostly people choose the display ad format because it is meant for commercial advertising. Display ads are full, half or quarter page adverts that you will find promoting a product or a service with images incorporated along with the information.)


Though every business has their own and unique set of offerings but there are some standard rules that an advertiser can follow while drafting a business ad. Take a look:

  • Clearly mention about the products or services that you are offering. You can supplement the information with relevant images so that the prospective customers get a clear idea of what they will get.
  • Mention tentative cost of the products or services so that it is easier for people to make a decision as per their budget.
  • Do not forget to mention the contact details or address in ad.
  • You can also mention a bit about your company so that your brand image gets clear in the minds of your prospective customer segment.

For a better idea on how to draft such adverts refer the business ad samples available on the website.


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