Ajit Punjabi Name Change Ads

Residing in Punjab and want to change your name? Well, if that is the case then book a name change notice in regional news broadsheet that is popular in your state! Can’t think of any names? Here is a cue for you; the news journal is famous in Punjab and most of the people lay hands on this news journal for their daily dose of news! It is none other than Ajit Punjabi. The latter is a very popular newspaper among the people of Punjab.

A lot of people book Ajit Punjabi name change classified ads; the ones who are seeking a new name. It is an essential step to complete the name change process. The other two steps are getting an affidavit published for name change and getting a gazette notification published for name change.

Now coming back to the newspaper name change advert; a name change seeker should ideally choose two newspapers to get their name change notice published. One can be a national daily and the other one should be a vernacular or a regional news broadsheet. Say for instance you are putting up in Chandigarh you can choose a national daily to book your name change notice and simultaneously choose a vernacular paper that is published in Punjabi language. For the latter Ajit Punjabi is your best bet!

Ajit Punjabi Newspaper Ads

You need not rush to the Newspaper Ad Booking Centre Chandigarh and instead make Name Change Ad Booking Online. Now, you might be wondering as to how can you do that? Well, take the help of one of the leading newspaper ad booking websites that caters to the advertising needs of people across the nation and helps them get the ad space in their best-liked newspaper. It is none other than Myadvtcorner which is run by an INS accredited ad agency named Mind Makers Communications Pvt. Ltd.

You will get value-for-money on your bookings as the service provider offers great discounts and rebates on all ad packages. You can choose the ad package that you find suitable as per your requirements as well as budget. or you can also request for a customized package. To know about the content and format of the name change adverts you can look for the online advert samples that will provide you guidelines to draft your notice in an efficient manner. For further help, you can connect with the customer assistance team of the service provider.

So, get ready to take on a new name and book Ajit Punjabi name change notices.


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