Prajavani Obituary Display Ads

Vernacular papers have a pivotal role to play in advertising and promotion. They have their exclusive reader base that seldom switches to any other news broadsheet. One such news journal is Prajavani which is published in Kannada language and is one of the popular newspapers of Karnataka. It has a loyal readership from across the state. People not only choose this newspaper for their daily dose of news but also for advertising and promotion. Hence, the paper is flooded with all sorts of adverts under various categories. Among the popular categories for classified ads is obituary. These posts are published by those who have lost a loved one. They are also commonly termed as death notices.


Death of a loved one is a time which is extremely traumatizing. During such times the bereaved family is not in a state of mind to go all the way to the newspaper office to make advert bookings. Hence, the best alternative is to go via online mode. The latter provides a hassle-free and instant method of ad booking. One doesn’t need to visit the newspaper ad booking centre.

Obituary Display Ads in Prajavani Newspaper

To book Prajavani obituary display ads, you can take the help of Myadvtcorner which is one of the popular websites for newspaper ad bookings. The service provider has a user-friendly platform that allows people to book ads in different newspapers instantly. You can make bookings for any city within minutes by filling-up the online ad booking form and making payment over a secured payment gateway via any of the online payment methods.

For instance, if you want to make newspaper ad booking in Bangalore, you can do the same via this channel. To make obituary ad booking for Bangalore, you can follow the online ad booking steps and reserve the ad slot. In case you need any other help, you can always connect with the customer assistance team of the service provider and they will help you in the ad booking process.

For more details visit the website or call on the customer care number.

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