Deccan Chronicle Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertising is best suited for businesses that want to reach their prospective customer segment on a local, regional, or national level. There are three kinds of newspaper ads that you can book viz:

  • Classified text ads
  • Classified display ads and
  • Display adverts

When we talk about the last i.e. display adverts, they are the most diverse and flexible ad types. They are the best type for providing extra attention to the content or information provided in the advert by incorporating bold fonts, photographs, illustrations, logos, etc. You can promote products or services easily through such ads.  They are thus very good for commercial advertising and to pinpoint your target segment of customers.  However, merely choosing this format for advertising and promotion will not serve the purpose. You will have to have a proper plan for advertising through news journals. Proper planning goes a long way in running a successful ad campaign.


Deccan Chronicle is one of the renowned names in the world of news journals. You can book any type of advert in this paper as it provides ad space for all sorts of advertisements. Display ad in Deccan Chronicle newspaper, enable you to reach your target customer segment easily. Book your business ads in this paper and be assured of a good reader response.

The best way to reserve the ad slot is via online mode. Make Deccan Chronicle Chennai ad booking online to speed-up the booking process. Newspaper ads can be booked easily through our website.

Avail the best discounts and rebates on all the ad packages. If you have specific needs, you can get in touch with our team to get a customized or tailored ad package that will be exclusively for your advertising needs. The ad rates for all the ad packages vary thus it is advisable that you take a look at all of them on our website. Plus, you can also check out the ad samples on our website and draft your advert on similar guidelines.

For more details visit the website.

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