Mathrubhumi Recruitment Classified Ads

Launched in 1923 and headquartered in Calicut, Mathrubhumi is a broadsheet Malayalam newspaper with a circulation of 1,486,810 daily (as of Jul-Dec 2015) as per the Audit Bureau of Circulations. India’s second most widely read Malayalam newspaper, it is most read in South India (especially Kerala) but also in India’s metropolitan cities and even the middle-east.

Classified Advertisements in Mathrubhumi provide cost-effective opportunities for recruiting suitable candidates for vacancies in large organisations that have come up due to expansion or employees having to leave for any reasons. These ads also help those who seek improvement in their situations or new jobs, to attract possible employers. Such situations arise especially in the fast-moving and ever expanding information technology sector where the turnover of employees is very fast.

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Mathrubhumi Recruitment Ads are of two kinds: classified text and classified display. Classified texts are the cheapest and consist of simple running text ads charged on the basis of Rs per words with a minimum of 20 words. At extra cost, elements can be highlighted with enhancers like borders, colours and tick marks. Classified display ads costing more are a pictorial form of advertising. They cost more since they can use images, logos, and graphics along with texts. These are charged at the rate of Rs per square centimetre.

Rates of every edition are different. However, rebates are possible by using different editions simultaneously with the same ad.

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