Property Advertisement

How to catch prospective buyers’ attention? It depends entirely on what you think will attract them about the property. The location? The neighbourhood facilities? The environment? Think about it and start your ad by highlighting the element(s) that you feel must be promoted. Support your beginning with supplementary factors like availability of water, power and other plus-points to the property.

Illustrate what you say with good, credible visuals of the property and its surroundings – visually and verbally highlighting the most striking features with, say, graphic pointers and bold letters.

Meanwhile, survey the most suitable newspapers for your ad – for instance, The Times of India, The Hindu if the property is in southern India. Also the language. If the property is in an area where Tamil is the predominant language, consider Dina Thanthi the widest read Tamil language newspaper with a daily circulation of 1,714,743 (as of Jan-Jun 2016) according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations.


In the process, check out the rates along with possible rebates and discounts in case of multiple editions being used. While the lowest rate will be for classified text ads, costlier are classified display ads while elaborate display ads are the costliest.  Accordingly, design the property ad keeping these factors in view and adjusting your budget accordingly.


For greater ease in putting out the ad, trust to do all this and also place your ad online. It is the arm of a full-fledged professional advertising agency that has been an accredited member of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) for over 25 years.

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