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Do you need tips for hiring the best employees? We can understand that hiring the right candidate is a challenging process and requires thorough research. Why research? It is because hiring the wrong employee can prove disastrous for the organization. Not only will they prove to be expensive and costly but their recruitment will be time-consuming as well. Hiring the right professional, on the other hand, will pay you back in terms of productivity, a strong and successful employee-employer relationship, and last but not the least will have a positive impact on the overall work environment.

Recruiting the best talent takes a combination of creativity and diligence on your part. Nowadays, technology has made it easier than ever to publish your job postings to a wide audience. This is done through job portals to widen the reach. However, to connect with a wider pool of qualified candidates one cannot just rely on job portals.  The major reason for this is that still in our country internet hasn’t been able to reach out to all the places. Remote cities and towns are still miles away from technology. Hence, in order to find the best talent from such places one needs other channel.

The Economic Times Advertisement


Newspapers are the best alternatives of job portals. Here is the reason why:

  • News journals have penetration in remote towns and places
  • They are read by all age groups
  • They come handy and can be browsed anytime and anywhere
  • Newspapers bridge the gap of demographic divide which is there in our country and many more such benefits

Recruitment Display Ad in The Economic Times


We all know that The Economic Times is a widely read English newspaper. People from the length and breadth of the country read this paper. Companies and organizations book recruitment display ad in The Economic Times, to provide better visibility to their ad.  A display ad format is ideal for announcing job vacancies because these adverts occupy prime slots on the news journal i.e. front page. Plus, these are full, half or quarter page adverts that are apt for captivating readers.


You can make recruitment ad booking online to save your precious time and get the ad space with least effort possible. You need not visit the newspaper ad booking agency for this purpose and can proceed with the bookings through our website.

We provide value-for-money on all the ad packages and hence you can get the ad space at the best price possible.

For further details you can connect with any of our customer relationship executives for this purpose.

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