Kannada Prabha Matrimonial Classified Ads

In this digital age, people still prefer the traditional newspapers for finding brides and grooms. Even in a progressive state like Karnataka, people prefer to place an advertisement in Kannada Prabha newspaper. Kannada Prabha is a broadsheet morning daily headquartered in Bengaluru with editions in Gulbarga, Mangalore, Shivamogga, Hubballi and Belagavi. Each has its own rate but rebates can be availed of by printing the same ad in different editions or depend on combo-rates with other editions of Kannada Prabha. For this reason, Kannada Prabha Matrimonial Classified Ads score high when it comes to placing ads for finding brides and grooms for marriageable men and women.

This is the condition for matrimonial throughout India. Such ads invariably are published every Sunday in a free supplement specially printed for the purpose on that day because that is one day in the week most people are expected to have the extra time to go through matrimonial supplements. There are two formats in which matrimonial ads are published:

Classified Text Ads: This cheapest option of advertising is in the form of text ads in the classified section. These are printed on Kannnada Prabha’s classified pages in run-on-line (ROL) text format. At extra cost, enhancements like screen, tick, colour for more visibility can be made. Ads are charged according to the number of words subject to a minimum of 20 words used.

Kannada Prabha Matrimonial Ads

Classified Display Ads: This costlier option is charged per square cm of the area used for the advertisement. There is a constraint to the size of Classified Display (CD) Ads, but it can be customised using logo, image, different fonts and colour to enhance the advertisement. Classified Display Ads appear on a specific page or supplement of the newspaper.

Through the years, people have found newspapers to be far more reliable to find greater options that will give them better returns for their investments. The options ranging from family and friends, pandits to and smartphones are not so wide ranging and cost-effective as newspapers are.

Therefore, when this facility can be used to publish a matrimonial ad in a well-chosen newspaper, online, it will make things so much easier. Hence, when this can be done at no extra cost, depend on Myadvtcorner.com, the online arm of a full-fledged advertising agency which has been accredited to the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) for over 25 years. Its professional expertise can save you so much time and trouble of having to work out the best options yourself.

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