In the recent times the regional news space has grown phenomenally. While Hindi newspapers are slowly overtaking the advertisement-rich English language news journals in terms of their readership numbers, the regional press has also evolved to become one of the important pillars of the printed news industry.

When we talk about vernaculars, they have their own space in the print media. They are undoubtedly driving growth in the regional newspaper industry. One of the popular vernacular newspaper is Lokmat newspaper which is published in Marathi language. It is a widely read news journal in the state of Maharashtra and has a dominant position in the state. Lokmat newspaper ads provide very good reader response to the advertisers. People make bookings under various categories and get the desired response.

Suppose you want to make Lokmat ad booking for Mumbai, the easiest and quickest way to do the same is through online mode. With the help of online booking, you get the advantage of making instant bookings. Simply hop on the website and fill-up the online form and make payment over a secured payment gateway. This way you will not be required to visit the newspaper ad booking centre Mumbai and everything will be taken care of with just a few finger clicks!


There is a constant comparison between printed ads and digital media. The rank of newspaper ads is always assessed in comparison with their digital counterparts. Plus, their sustainability is also under scanner. Now the thing to notice here is that no doubt digital media has revolutionized the world of advertising but it hasn’t been able to leave its impressions in the remote regions of the country. The only method of advertising and promotion in such regions are newspapers. Latter is the best channel to connect with the local crowd and reach out to a vast local population pool.


So, if you want to connect with the local crowd of Maharashtra then do not overlook or underestimate Lokmat Newspaper. Latter will take your advertisement far and wide and thus you will get the best reader response that you are looking for.

For further details on the booking process visit our website.

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