Times of India Gurgaon Obituary Ads

Obituary adverts are published to pay condolences to the deceased. These ads are meant to inform all those who cared for the one bygone that their loved one has said adieu to this world. These notices make announcements about the rituals and ceremonies that are to be held post the death.

It is generally observed that obituary notices are published in newspapers as the latter are a great channel to spread the news to a large segment of population. Plus, newspapers have a track record of successfully publishing obituary notices that are published within a day or two after the demise of someone.


Say for instance you are putting up in Gurgaon and want to publish an obituary notice then Times of India will be the best newspaper for this purpose. Now you might think why only Times of India? It is because, the newspaper is widely read across the nation but it is particularly popular in Delhi and NCR wherein educated middle class is all up for Times of India and seldom switches to any other news journal.

obituary advertisement

When you are choosing the best newspaper for your ad booking then you must as well choose the best channel for getting the ad slot. To book Times of India Gurgaon Obituary Ads, take the help of Myadvtcorner which is one of the best websites for newspaper ad bookings. The online service provider has been helping people for decades now and ad seekers from across the country reserve the ad slot in various national dailies, regional papers, vernaculars, etc. through this channel.

The credibility of this website is reflected from the fact that it is run by the INS accredited newspaper ad agency Mind Makers Communications Private Limited. Also, the fact that they have tie-up with leading brand names in the world of news journals. Hence if an individual becomes their customer once, remains their customer for a long time!

Coming back to Times of India Ad Booking for Gurgaon; for this you just need to fill-up the online ad booking form and make payment online. Hence, you need not go all the way to the newspaper office with your ad request for newspaper ad Booking in Gurgaon.

To know more about the ad rates, booking process, etc. check out the website or connect with customer assistance team.


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