Dainik Bhaskar Public Notice Ads

What’s the first thing that you should ideally look for before booking a newspaper advert? Yes, you got it right, it is the cost of the ad space. Indeed, it is the cost of the classified ad that compels you to browse through the rate cards of various newspapers before zeroing down on one! Since newspaper ads are of various types, formats, sizes, etc. thus the price range also differs remarkably from one type to the other.

You must take into consideration the following points before selecting any news journal to book an ad post.

  • The circulation of the newspaper – We all know that the more the circulation of any news journal, higher will be its ad space cost. If a news broadsheet has a wider reach it is very likely that it will have wide and diverse reader base. Consequently, the news journal will definitely charge you more for the ad space.
  • The Frequency of the ad – There is no rocket science here! The more the frequency of your ad, the lesser will be its cost. This means that if you run your ad multiple times, it will cost you less because the newspaper company provides discounts on repeated publications.
  • Cost varies as per the ad format– Majorly, there are three kinds of ad formats viz. Classified Text Ads, classified display ads and Display notices. Display ads are the costliest of the three, followed by classified display ads and finally the lowest in price are the classified text ads.



Suppose you want to make Dainik Bhaskar Public notice display advertisement, then keep the aforesaid points in mind and then make your bookings. To get the ad space at best price take the help of our website Myadvtcorner. You can make instant bookings for display ads in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper by choosing the ad package that suits your budget. If you are unable to decide about the ad package then connect with the customer care team for guidance.

Hence, this way you will be able to make Dainik Bhaskar ad booking for Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, etc.

For more details visit our website.

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