Today in the India there is a large number of schools, colleges and Universities that are both government run and privately run. Today’s higher education market thus has become quite competitive and challenging. Hence, the traditional marketing techniques are no longer sufficient to attract new students and retain the existing ones. It is now crucial for varsities and colleges to understand the need of the hour and promote their innovative methods of imparting education, the world-class infrastructure that they have and the way they will groom their learners for job market. In order to attract the current generation of students the educational institutions will have to adapt a smart approach.

The traditional channel of advertising i.e. newspapers will help the advertisers to a great extent. It is so because the news journals reach many people and hence the educational advert published in a news broadsheet will get a wide reach. As already mentioned the approach to draft an engaging ad copy will change from the previous times; which means the advertiser or the service provider will have to focus on the value-proposition of their offerings and how they will help the students to prepare them for future. If an institution is able to convey across their message in a succinct manner through the newspaper post, then half the battle is already won!

Dainik Jagran Education Classified Display Ads for Delhi

To create a newspaper ad copy advertisers can choose from the three ad formats that are meant for newspaper classified adverts i.e.

  • Classified text ads
  • Classified display adverts and
  • Display ad posts

To get the best reader response an advertiser can go for the third format i.e. display ad posts that are meant for commercial advertising and are full, half or quarter page notices. They incorporate graphics and images that enhance the overall look of the post and are extremely helpful in conveying the message to the target segment without too much text in the notice. They look appealing to the eyes and hence have the power to captivate readers and compels them to go through the advertisement.

Say for instance you want to make Education Ad Booking for Delhi, choose a newspaper that is widely read in the National capital for example Dainik Jagran. It is one of the leading Hindi language newspapers that is quite popular in Hindi speaking regions of the country. You can book Dainik Jagran Education Classified Display Ads, to get the desired reader response. To know more about the format and content of such posts check out the online education ad samples.

Make your bookings via Myadvtcorner which is the leading online websites for newspaper ad booking. For more details visit the website or connect with the customer care team.

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