Recruitment Ads in Times of India

To find suitable talent for your company is indeed a cumbersome task that requires a lot of head-hunting. People often take the help of a lot of channels to find the best skilled work-force that will prove beneficial for the company. However, amid such channels is one medium that is tried and tested and has helped a lot of people in finding jobs as well as finding talent for the organization. This channel is nothing but newspapers. Yes, it is true that news journals are one of the best media for advertising and promotion. People book posts under various categories viz. Matrimonial, lost and found, property, public notices, etc. One of these categories is recruitment that is published by people who are in search of good and skilled people for their organization. Such posts are usually booked by Human Resource managers or recruitment teams.

One of the popular English language newspapers is Times of India which is a leading national daily. It provides advert space for a variety of advertisements. It provides very good reader response and hence a lot of people book Times of India recruitment classified ads to spread the information about their job vacancy far and wide. Since the news journal is circulated all across the country as well as comes up in different editions for different places, hence you can make bookings for any place.

Times of India Recruitment Classified Ads

Say for instance your company is in Bangalore, you can make recruitment ad booking in Bangalore to find the local talent from the city or else you can consider publishing your post in other cities as well so as to attract skilled and talented candidates from across the country. This will be particularly helpful if you are on a PAN India hiring spree!

You can make your bookings for Times of India via Myadvtcorner which is one of the leading newspaper classified ad booking websites. You will get the ad slot while sitting in the comfort of your home or office and need not go to the Newspaper Ad Booking Centre Bangalore.

To know more about the format and content of recruitment adverts you can check out the ad samples that are available online. For further assistance in booking or creating an enticing ad copy you can contact the customer relationship team of the service provider and they will help you in the entire process.

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