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While promoting a product or a service, timing is very important. It is essential to advertise and promote at the right time in order to reap the benefits of the same. There is no point in reminding your prospective customer segment about your brand twice within a week. Also, neither is there a point in promoting a sale on products after it is over. Similarly, there is absolutely no sense in making an announcement which has already crossed its deadline.

Keep in mind that a well-planned advert will go a long way in fetching you a good reader response and might possibly convert sales. Plus, the format of the ad is also very important if you seek good reader response. Display ad in Jagbani newspaper will provide you the desired reader response because they are actually meant for commercial advertising.

Brand promotion, sales announcement, products or service promotion, etc. is all that you can do through the display adverts. Book prime slot in any newspaper of your choice whether it is a national daily, regional newspaper or a vernacular, etc. and reap the maximum benefit from your ad campaign. Full, half or a quarter page advert is what you can book while planning to go for a display advert format.

Talking about advertising in a particular region, you can choose a vernacular for that purpose. A vernacular is a news broadsheet that is published in the native language of a particular area or region. It is extremely helpful in connecting with the local population of a particular region. You can easily advertise or promote your products or services in a particular geographic region through a vernacular paper.


Suppose you want to advertise in Jalandhar you can do the same via Jagbani Jalandhar ad booking online. Our website will enable you to get the ad space instantly and you will not be required to visit Jalandhar ad booking centre. With just a few clicks you will instantly get the ad space.

Check out the ad samples for reference and draft your ad copy on similar guidelines. Also, go through our ad rates available on our website and select the package that suits your requirements the best.

For more details visit our website or connect with any of our team members.

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