Property Ads in Hindustan Hindi

With Hindustan Hindi newspaper you can connect with buyers or sellers who are interested in your real estate offerings. The newspaper offers advert space for such posts and it is one of the convenient and economic channels to reach out to a large population pool. Particularly in those areas where Hindi is the predominant language. For instance, if you are looking for the best property in Delhi then this news journal will help you tons!

For Property ad booking in Delhi you can take the help of Hindustan Hindi property classified ads that will provide you good reader response. You can draft your notice in any of these formats viz.

Hindustan Hindi Property Classified Ads

  • Classified text ads: These are the notices drafted in the running text. They are basic of all ad types and hence are lowest in price. You might have notices published in Black and White font, these are nothing but classified text ads. These are charged per line basis.
  • Classified display ads: These posts are created in coloured font so as to highlight the information written. They are drafted in such a way so that they stand out and capture the reader attention. You might have noticed some advertisements in a square or a rectangular box like a popped up message; they are classified display adverts. These posts are charged on per square centimetre basis. These are higher in price than the former ad types.
  • Display adverts: Display ad posts are usually meant for commercial advertising and are full, half or quarter page notices. These are costliest of all the three ad types. These posts incorporate images, graphics, etc. to highlight the message.

Property advertisement though can be published in any of the aforesaid formats but the best way is to go for the display advert format to get the desired reader response or if you have budget constraints then go for classified display ad format which will again provide you good reader response.

You can check out the content and the information provided in such posts in the online ad samples that will provide you enough guidelines to draft your notice. To make your bookings you can visit Myadvtcorner that is one of the best and leading online newspaper ad booking websites run by industry stalwarts of Mind Makers Communications Private Limited; an INS accredited ad agency.

To know more visit the website or connect with the customer relationship team of the service provider.

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