Divorce Notice Ads

After it has been settled you are going for a divorce, approach a newspaper advertising agency and place a Public Notice Ad in Newspapers. Making a divorce notice in a newspaper is the last resort to inform or notify your spouse that you have filed for a divorce. Divorce Announcement Newspaper Ads is the option which must only be utilised if the divorce papers cannot be delivered personally to the defendant. Hence the ad should be in a newspaper near where the spouse lives. However, when the spouse’s whereabouts are unknown, more than one newspaper will have to be used – to make the judge aware of your efforts. If necessary, get official permission to do so after presenting all necessary papers.

Book divorce notice ads in top newspapers of India

The objective is to get the widest possible coverage. Therefore, nothing less than the top newspapers – in whatever language – are used. The reason is to use the newspaper concerned to bind the other party concerned through a newspaper to publicly bind the divorce and help keep evidence of the divorce for any future. Such evidence helps in cased situations like change of name, property disputes, children’s custody affairs and even re-marriage.

Benefits of releasing divorce notice in newspaper:

Myadvtcorner.com is the online arm of a full-fledged advertising agency, which has been accredited to the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) for over 25 years. Its professional expertise can save you the time and trouble of having to work out the best and most cost-effective options.

• Justifiable rates: Market competitive rates along with the facility of posting a divorce notice in a number of well-known newspapers.
• Reach: Widespread reach allows us adds ability to release ads anywhere in India.
• Queries: Will get authoritative replies from senior media and advertising professionals.

For releasing the Divorce Notice through myadvtcorner, pleased send the following:

• A copy of the Divorce papers
• Size of the advert to be released
• Date of release of the advertisement

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