Hindustan Times Name Change Ads

To book a name change notice you can go ahead with Hindustan Times newspaper. It is one of the mandatory steps to publish a name change ad in any of the newspapers to take on a new name or surname. The other two steps are as follows:

  • Getting an affidavit for name change and
  • A gazette notification for name change

If you are putting up in Delhi then for a name change ad you can easily bank on Hindustan Times because it is a widely read paper in the National capital of the country. Book Hindustan Times name change classified ads so that more and more people get information that you are changing your name!

Change of Name Advertisement is like a public notice which is simply meant to make announcement and do not generate a reader response. Hence, an ad seeker need not necessarily get it published a couple of times and simply getting it published just once would suffice.


The name change process in India is quite strict so that fraudulent people do not succeed in their attempts to undertake notorious and anti-social tasks in the guise of a fake identity. Plus, the authorities can keep a check on all such people.


A newspaper ad is a legal proof of name change seekers that they at some point have changed their name and this is to be submitted as a legal record to concerned authorities to get name changed on Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, etc.


Name change ad booking for Delhi can be instantly done via Myadvtcorner, which is one of the leading websites for newspaper ad bookings. You just need to fill-up the online ad booking form and make payment over a secured payment gateway by any of the online payment methods. You can check out the sample adverts if you aren’t sure of the content and format of such posts.

For further help on drafting an appropriate ad copy or booking process, you can call on the numbers provided by the service provider. A customer relationship executive will connect with you to guide you in your endeavour.

So, without further ado go and book name change notice in Hindustan Times via online mode.


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