Malayala Manorama Obituary Display Ads

Both in a sudden as well as an anticipated death of a loved one there is pain and a lot of it! However, there is a difference in both the cases and that is that in a sudden event the grievers are shocked and stunned and the loss is disruptive and they often aren’t able to come to terms with the reality quickly. On the other hand, in case of a loved one’s death due to prolonged illness the survivors get enough time to face the situation and accept it as it is.

Whatever be the case the one thing that is common is that one needs to circulate the unfortunate news within their circle as quickly as possible. Hence, for this people often book obituary ads in newspapers. Latter are also called death announcement adverts.

All sorts of newspapers viz. national dailies, regional papers, vernaculars, etc. provide ad space for such adverts. One of the popular regional papers is Malayala Manorama that offers ad space for this kind of ads. People book Malayala Manorama newspaper ads under obituary category to circulate the news.

People often book obituary display ad in Malayala Manorama, because in a display ad format one is able to incorporate the image of the deceased along with other details. These ads are full, half or quarter page adverts. However, the price of such adverts will differ depending upon the placement of the ad i.e. on a front page which is the prime location the ad cost will be on a higher side when compared with other ad slots.

Obituary Ads

While drafting any ad copy to book an advertisement in newspaper do keep in mind its exact format. The format for an obituary ad can be checked online. A brief about the same is here:

  • You need to provide the photograph of the deceased (as already mentioned)
  • Provide the contact details of the survivors (or your details in case you have lost a loved one).
  • Date of birth and death of the one bygone.
  • Details i.e. date/time and venue of the ceremonies that will follow after the demise, etc.

For more details on all such information, visit the website. You can also check out the ad rates for various ad types on the website.

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