Mumbai Chaufer Matrimonial Ads

Marriage is the basis for the institution of the family. Hence it is a very important relationship that brings two families together. People often take their own time to find a suitable life-partner.


If an individual wants to find a suitable match from Mumbai then Mumbai Chaufer newspaper ads under matrimonial category can help a lot. It is a vernacular paper that is published in Marathi language.

People can book ads under ‘Bride wanted’ and ‘Groom wanted’ categories. They can also book adverts under various castes and communities to filter their selection as per their choice. Also, they can find matches from a particular profession viz. Management, Engineering, Charted Accountancy, Lawyers, etc.


The cost of newspaper adverts depends on the format which an advertiser chooses because all the three formats have different cost. Let us brief you about the ad formats in which you can draft a classified ad:

  • Classified text ads: These are also known as run on line ads. They are the simplest form of advertisements published in newspapers. They usually have Black and White font and running text. Their cost is calculated on the basis of the number of lines or characters or words that are used in the content.
  • Classified display ads: This format of advert is a bit enhanced ad type that allows you to incorporate colours and bold text in the advertisement. Due to these enhanced features these adverts are a bit expensive than the text adverts.
  • Display adverts: These are used for commercial advertising and not for matrimonial advertising. These are the costliest of all ad types and are full, half or quarter page adverts.


If you want to book matrimonial ad in Mumbai Chaufer newspaper, then you can consider the first two formats because the third type is usually for commercial advertising as already mentioned.  


To save your precious time and for a hassle-free booking process take the online route to get the ad space. To make Mumbai Chaufer ad booking for Mumbai fill the online ad booking form and make online payment. You will get an e-receipt confirming your bookings that you need to keep intact for future reference.

So, without further ado connect with your soulmate through Mumbai Chaufer matrimonial ads.

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