Deccan Chronicle Obituary Display Ads

When someone near and dear to heart passes away it is the most vulnerable time of life. Life turns upside due to such tragic turn of events. It is an irreversible loss that can cause earth shattering consequences on the mind and soul!

During such heart-rending times people often take the help of newspapers to circulate the unfortunate news. News journals provide a convenient way to spread the information at faster pace. The adverts that are meant to make death announcement are termed as ‘obituary ads.’ These are published in all the national dailies, regional newspapers, vernaculars, etc. as per the choice of advertisers.


When we talk about the regional presence or reach of the newspapers then nothing can beat Deccan Chronicle which is quite popular in the Southern parts of the country. The news journal is widely read across the cities of Hyderabad, Secunderabad (where it has its headquarters), Chennai, Kochi and Bangalore.

Obituary Ads

Deccan Chronicle newspaper ads thus provide wide reach to the advertisements published in it as well as offers good reader response (again, because of the popularity and wide readership of the paper). It is due to this reason that people book death adverts in this paper so that more and more people will read it.

One can book obituary ads in any of the following formats:

Obituary Ad in Deccan Chronicle

All the ad formats have different rates. If you do not want to spend more you can choose classified text ad format which is least costly of all. On the other hand, if you can spend more then go for Display advert format that will enable you to incorporate image of the deceased along with the information. However, this is the costliest of all the three formats as it is used for commercial advertising and occupies the prime slot on the newspaper (i.e. the front page, etc.).


To make Deccan chronicle ad booking for Bangalore you can take the online route. It is a convenient method to get the ad space through this method. You can instantly make bookings in any newspaper of your choice and not just Deccan Chronicle.

For more details on the booking process you can check out the ad rates and ad packages on the website.

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