Gujarat Samachar Obituary Ads

Newspapers provide a channel to circulate any important information among the people. For ages people have been taking the help of news broadsheets to advertise and promote through newspapers. Not only this but an unfortunate news like the demise of someone is also spread through news journals so that more and more people can go through such ads and get to know about the loss of someone. These ads are called ‘Obituary advertisements’ or ‘Death announcement ads.’


Trend of publishing an obituary is not new. In the previous decades, it was well-known or famous people whose obituaries were published. These ads contained the family history of the deceased as well and a biography about the departed soul. However, with changing times the content and format of such notices have changed. Nowadays obituary advertisement has taken the place of obituaries.


The former adverts contain the following details viz.

  • Date of birth of the deceased
  • Date of death of the deceased
  • Short biography of the departed soul
  • Survivor details
  • Contact details of the advertiser
  • Date/Time/Venue of the last rites and related ceremonies, etc.


It is needless to say that Gujarat Samachar is one of the leading vernaculars of the state of Gujarat. Natives of the state prefer this paper over other national dailies published in English. Thus, to locally spread a piece of information this news journal is the best channel. You can select the city to publish obituary display ad in Gujarat Samachar. Thus, carefully choose the ad package that will solve your purpose.

Say for instance you want to make bookings for Ahmedabad, thus for that while making obituary ad booking for Ahmedabad, you need to clearly select the city from the drop-down menu while filling the online ad booking form. You can do this while you are sitting in any other part of the country.

In case you face difficulty in creating an appropriate ad copy you can take reference from the sample ads available on the website.

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