Obituary Ads in Deccan Herald

‘The only constant thing is change’. We have heard this for years now and it is applicable in every aspect of life. The quote is true for the cycle of life as well. Anything that has started will come to an end as well and this goes true for the life of an individual. People who have come into this world will depart from this world as well.

However, losing a loved one is never easy and is extremely painful. It is not easy to sail through such times. If you have also lost a loved one or anyone in your circle has lost someone near and dear to them then help them circulate the unfortunate news because it is quite pain inflicting for the bereaved family to announce their loss.

The easiest and the most frequently used method for this is through a newspaper advertisement. People have been booking newspaper posts to make death announcements for decades now. Deccan Herald is one of the popular papers from the state of Karnataka that provides ad space for such notices. People have been booking Deccan Herald obituary display ads, to circulate the unfortunate news quickly.

Deccan Herald Obituary Ads

To make obituary ad booking in Bangalore, you need not visit newspaper ad booking centre Bangalore. Rather, you can reserve the ad slot via online mode within minutes. For this, take the help of one of the renowned websites i.e. Myadvtcorner which is run by Mind Makers Communications Private Limited; an INS accredited ad agency. It helps ad seekers get the ad space at discounted rates in the newspaper of their choice.

You can make bookings by visiting the website and making payment over a secured payment gateway via NEFT, Net Banking, etc. It is the best way to reserve the ad slot without visiting the ad booking centre.

To know the exact format and content of the obituary notices you can check out the sample notices available on the website. Such posts provide reference to the ad seekers so that they can easily create their ad copy.

To know more about the ad packages, booking process, etc. you can visit the website and connect with the customer assistance team of the service provider.


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