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Are you finding it confusing to change your name? Are you not aware of the exact process following which you can change your name? If you nod along then need not worry here in this post you will find all your answers. First, of all you need to know that whether you want to change your name or surname you will have to follow the same process.

Now the name change process though is a bit lengthy but its quite simple. There are just three steps that are involved in it and they are producing a name change affidavit, getting a newspaper advert published and thirdly getting a gazette notification published for the same.

When we talk about a newspaper notice for name change, you can choose any newspaper of your choice for this purpose as there is absolutely no compulsion about the paper in which you have to get your notice published. However, it is still advisable that you choose a national daily and a regional newspaper as well (or a vernacular) to publish a name change notice.

Prabhat Khabar Name Change Classified Ads

Further, it is also advisable that you keep at least a dozen of original newspaper clippings as a legal proof for future references. This is because you might be required to show the notice in original to the concerned authorities to get your name changed on essential documents.

Later on when you are done with all the three steps as mentioned above you can put forward your request to get your name changed on Passports, PAN Card, Driving License, etc.

You will also be required to inform about your new name to the following departments:

  • Income Tax office
  • Telephone or Mobile operator
  • Insurance department
  • House Tax office
  • Any other department where you are a debtor or have liability of any kind
  • Vehicle brand or company from where you had purchased your personal or commercial vehicle, etc.

Such a streamlined and strict process of name change is to keep a check on fraudulent activities undertaken by people who are anti-social or want to mis-lead the common masses or the authorities for their selfish motives.

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