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Death of a loved one is one thought that never crosses our mind or we should put it this way that we never ever think of such unfortunate events until and unless we actually face such situation. It is a human tendency that none of us wants to think of such heart-rending times but the truth is that we will face these situations at some point or the other. Life will not remain a fairy-tale for ever and this is the ultimate truth that all of us have to accept.

During the death of a loved one the first think that comes to our mind is how to spread the word about their departure from this world? Surviving family is already so traumatized that this is the last thought on their mind. During such times it is the relatives, friends and well-wishers who usually circulate the news within the immediate circle. However, they have their limitations as they cannot call-up each and every individual to tell them about the loss. Hence, this always happens that a few people are always skipped from the mind.

chautha-ceremony-mrs-ramesh-beri-ad-times-of-india-delhi-05-10-2018 obituary ads in newspaper


The best way to circulate the news is by booking an obituary advert in newspaper. The latter will spread the news to a large pool of people in a particular area. Myadvtcorner is one of the leading websites for newspaper ad bookings that will help you get the ad space in any news journal instantly.

For instance, if you want to book Times of India Ghaziabad obituary ads, for this fill-up the online ad booking form and make payment online. You will get the ad space instantly and you need not visit the newspaper ad booking centre for Times of India ad booking for Ghaziabad.

You can also make newspaper ad booking in Ghaziabad for other category of adverts as well such as remembrance ads, Chautha and Uthala posts, Tervin advertisements, etc.

To know more about the advertisements of such type, you can always check out the ad samples that are available online on the website. Take reference and draft your notice on similar guidelines.

Check out the website and connect with the customer care team for further assistance.

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