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If you just do not want to fill-up the vacancy and hire the skilled professionals then plan your recruitment drive. With planning we mean that you must have a streamlined process in order to bring on board suitable talent for your company. First and foremost you should figure out the channel through which you will announce your job vacancy. For this purpose, you can take the help of modern channels i.e. job portals, etc. but do not ignore the importance of the conventional channel which is newspapers. Yes, latter have been in use for decades now and are the best way to put forward any information (remember public notices that address a large population pool!). In the similar manner, if you are keen on finding suitable skilled force then take the help of news journals. You can choose from the wide range of national dailies, regional papers and vernaculars to send across your information to a large population.

Suppose you want to find professionals from Punjab then Jagbani newspaper will be your best bet. It is because the newspaper is published in Punjabi language which is the native language of the state. Majority of people read and speak Punjabi and thus the news journal has a wide readership all across the state. If you book recruitment classified ad in Jagbani, then your advert will be read by a lot of people. Plus, job seekers who are always browsing through recruitment advertisement published in news journals will apply for the respective posts that are suitable as per their domain.


We provide you the easiest and hassle-free way of making bookings. Visit our portal and make recruitment ad booking for Amritsar through our website. You can select the city (which is Amritsar) in this case to make your bookings. Further, make online payment through a secured payment gateway or you can also make offline bookings by visiting us in our office; whichever way you feel comfortable.

Check out the ad rates, format of recruitment ads, etc. on our website. For assistance in the booking process you can refer the instructions on our website or connect with any of our customer executive team members who will guide you through the process.

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