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When someone we love departs from this world the obvious emotion that we feel is grief. The latter creates the feelings of agitation and frustration in us and we start questioning our destiny. We ask the almighty only one question and that is “Why Me?” It is because we are unable to come to terms with the reality and feel helpless before the circumstances. It is only the love of our well-wishers that can help us sail through the tough times and provides a ray of hope.


Obituary adverts are published by the survivors or the acquaintances of the deceased to make death announcements. These are published on an urgent basis immediately after the demise of someone i.e. within a day or two. Such posts provide all the details of the deceased viz. their date of birth, date of death, survivor details, ceremonies that are to be followed i.e. their date, time and venue, etc.

You can make bookings for such posts via Myadvtcorner which is one of the renowned portals for newspaper ad bookings. Needless to say, you will get the ad space instantly by filling-up the ad booking form. Plus, while sitting in one city you can make bookings for other places easily with the help of this channel. Also, the service provider has a long list of news journals in their catalogue through which you can choose the newspaper that you find suitable.

Remembrance Ads

Prayer Meeting Ads


For instance, you want to make bookings for Times of India Kanpur Obituary Ads, you can follow the ad booking process and get the ad space. Choose the ad format from the following:

  • Classified text ads
  • Classified display adverts
  • Display ad posts

Select from the above formats as per your budget as all the three formats have different prices. It is not just Times of India Ad Booking for Kanpur but for other type of adverts as well that you can select the ad format as per your requirements.

With the help of this famous website and the online ad booking method you need not visit the centre for newspaper ad booking in Kanpur.

For more details you can visit the website and also connect with the customer assistance team for further help.


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