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Death of a loved one is one of the most tragic events of life that cannot be expressed in words. A person who is the survivor is the ultimate sufferer during such incidents because the departed soul leaves behind their families and friends to weep and wail for the rest of their lives.

During such heart-rending times people often find it difficult to disseminate the news of the loss of their loved one. Hence, they take the help of newspapers to circulate the news faster and in a more systematic manner. Hence, the surviving family is saved from the burden of informing each individual separately. All the newspapers provide ad space for death notices but if you are specifically looking for a news journal that caters to the Hindi speaking crowd then go for Amar Ujala. It is one of the renowned Hindi language news broadsheets that are best-liked in Northern parts of the country in particular.

Amar Ujala newspaper ads are thus published by many people who are looking for better advertising options in limited budget and want greater flexibility. With flexibility we mean that in the case of newspaper advertising one can change the format and content of the notice if they find that they are not getting the desired reader response. However, in the case of obituary notices it is not about generating a reader response but more about informing people of the tragic incident that has happened.

Amar Ujala Obituary Advertisement

To get good coverage of the population means in order to widespread the notice it is better to book obituary display ads in Amar Ujala. Such posts are really helpful in attracting readers. Hence, one should choose the local edition of the paper so that the local people can go through the notice. It is thus important to select the city wisely where you want your notice to get published.  

Amar Ujala Newspaper Ad Booking for Delhi or for any other place can be done online instantly. It will not take much time and ad slot can be reserved at any time and from anywhere. Obituary notices in a printed form particularly the ones published in newspapers are best to circulate the news faster. Since they are high-priority notices hence they are published immediately after the death of someone.

So, go and book your advert today itself to tell people about your loss.

For any query related to Obituary Display ad booking for Amar Ujala Newspaper for Delhi, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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