If you want to make death announcement in Kolkata you can take the help of The Statesman newspaper. It is one of the widely read newspapers of the city and has the potential to widespread the information to a large population segment. Due to this a lot of people take the help of this news journal for advertising and promotion. They book adverts under various categories viz. matrimonial, property, lost and found, etc. and one of these categories is obituary. Latter ads are booked by people who have lost a loved one. They spread the news of the death of their near and dear one through this newspaper.


As already mentioned, The Statesman newspaper ads provide wide reach to the advert. You can book your death announcement ad in any of the following formats:


You can check out the ad rates on the website for all the three formats as the prices for all of them is different. Classified text ads are least costly followed by classified display ads and finally display adverts are costliest of all.


You can make bookings through online mode. Say for instance you want to make obituary ad booking for Kolkata, you can do the same online. For this you need not visit the newspaper office and can reserve the ad slot by filling-up online form and make payment over a secured payment gateway.

You will have to mention the following while making bookings for the obituary ads:

  • Select the newspaper of your choice which is The Statesman in this case
  • Date of publication
  • Content of the ad that must include
  • Date of birth and death of the deceased
  • Date/Time/Venue of the rituals followed by the death of someone
  • Personalised message by the survivors
  • Contact details of the survivors
  • Select the city while filling up the form which is Kolkata in this case
  • When you are done with the online form, then make the payment online over a secured payment gateway. You will get an e-receipt confirming your bookings that you are advised to keep for future reference.

So, go ahead and make your bookings today itself. For more details visit the website.

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