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Successful companies know that hiring the right people for a job role can make or break the business. On the other hand poor hiring decisions can be disastrous for the company and hence cost multiple times the person’s annual salary! Ouch that is a serious mistake indeed! So, if you want to avoid doing such an expensive mistake have the right strategy in mind before commencing the recruitment process.

First of all you need to spend your allocated budget for advertising or announcing the job opening in a right manner. You can go for expensive channels of advertising but why waste money when you can do the same in less price and that too have good reader response. Well, you can choose to make your job announcements via newspaper adverts that will help you in your endeavor. Recruitment adverts in newspapers have always helped many companies and organizations in bringing in suitable and talented people for the selection process.

The Tribune Recruitment Ads

If you are confused about which newspaper to choose for this purpose then here is a cue for you. You can choose The Tribune which is one of the famous news journals that will help you in recruitment advertising.

The Tribune Recruitment Classified Ads can help you make announcements about your job vacancy far and wide. It is one of the famous newspapers.

If your company is based out of Chandigarh and you want to make your job announcements then for Recruitment Ad booking for Chandigarh, The Tribune is the best option. You can make bookings online to avoid standing in long queues at the newspaper office. This is not only for recruitment adverts but for Newspaper Ad booking for Chandigarh in general. You can book any category of adverts via online mode.

The medium will help you get the advert space within no time. It is therefore a hassle-free way of reserving the ad slot. As far as the format of such posts are concerned a recruiter must provide detailed information about their vacancy, the qualification required, etc. for the job post along with the process of selection and eligibility criterion for the same. It is better to go for display advert format for such posts as they are quite helpful in commercial advertising and promotion. Also, they are the best to attract the readers.

For more details, you can check the online advert samples that will provide you guidelines as to how you have to draft your notice. Hence, you will be able to create an enticing ad copy.

For any query related to Recruitment ad booking for The Tribune Newspaper for Chandigarh, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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