Tender Notice Ads in Times of India

You might have come across a lot of ads in newspapers that are titles “Tenders Invited”, such posts are nothing but Tender notice advertisement. Latter are one of the most common types of newspaper ad posts that are meant to invite tenders from firms and companies for various projects. Usually, the one with the lowest bid gets the project. Such posts are extremely helpful in B2B dealings. Thus, it can be easily said that Tender Notices are formal posts meant to be announced in public so that common man can also know the details as well as there is a transparency in the process.


We all know that newspapers have been the primary medium to make Tender Notice announcements. All kinds of news journals provide ad space for such posts; be it national daily or a regional paper. You can consider Times of India news journal to make your bookings for such posts. Reserve ad space for The Times of India Tender notice display ads instantly through Myadvtcorner. Latter is a renowned website for newspaper ad bookings run by the very famous INS accredited newspaper ad agency Mind Makers Communications Private Limited. This way you will be able to make Tender Notice Ad Booking in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, etc. while sitting in the comfort of your office.

Tender Notice Advertisement


There are certain things that you need to mention in the Tender notice viz.:

  • Date of commencement for inviting applications
  • Date of closing of entries
  • The eligibility of the third parties to apply
  • Rules for application as well as cancellation of the candidature of a firm, etc.

For exact format, you can refer the Tender notice ad samples that are available online. or you can also consult the already published Tender Notices published by companies in the newspaper. Such posts will give you an idea about the exact way of drafting your ad copy.

To know more about the booking process, do not hesitate to connect with the customer relationship team which is dedicatedly working day in day out to provide the best advertising solutions to all their customers.

You can also drop your queries through an e-mail.

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