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If you have lost a loved one and want to make death announcement then book obituary ads in newspapers. It is the best way to spread the news of the death of someone close. The reason for the same is that during such heart-rending times it is impossible to call each and every individual to inform about the loss. Thus it is a good idea to take the help of a medium that has a wide reach and can take the notice far and wide and newspaper is one such medium.

Now which newspaper should you choose? Well, it totally depends on the region or area where you are putting up and where all your acquaintances and relatives reside. Suppose you have all your family and friends putting up in Amritsar then the best newspaper for making death announcement is Jagbani. It is a vernacular that is published in Punjabi language. Obituary display ad in Jagbani newspaper can spread the unfortunate news among vast population pool across the state.


To speed-up your booking process you can take the help of our website that provides you a convenient platform to reserve the ad slot. You will be able to get the ad space instantly without visiting the newspaper ad booking centre.

Select ‘obituary category’ while making bookings for death announcement advertisement in Jagbani Newspaper. Further, go ahead and make select the city where you want your ad to get published. You can either select a single city or multiple cities depending on where you want your ad to get published. Suppose you want to make Jagbani ad booking for Jalandhar, you can do the same by selecting Amritsar from the list of cities. Once you are done filling-up the newspaper ad booking form you can proceed to make the online payment over a secured payment gateway via NEFT, Net Banking, Credit/Debit card, etc.

For more details visit the website or connect with any of our team members who will guide you and will help you get the ad space easily. Plus, they will also assist you drafting your advert in an appropriate manner.

So, do not think anymore and make your bookings for a death announcement ad quickly.

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