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It is difficult to find the right words of condolences to offer the bereaved. But this is also true that during such heart-rending times there is nothing that you could say that will ease off the pain of the survivors. However, the well-wishers and acquaintances will have to say something during such emotional moments and appropriate words will provide moral support to the bereaved.


Obituary ads in today’s times are meant to make death announcements. In the good old times i.e. decades back these adverts were meant not just to make death announcements but also provided all the details of the deceased, their family history, lineage, etc. Modern day obituaries are however a bit different in format and content.


The Tribune newspaper is one of the most widely read newspapers that offer ad space for obituary ads. A lot of people book Tribune obituary display ads to make death announcements. Display ad format is usually meant for commercial advertising and is thus quite helpful in attracting reader attention. A lot of people book obituary adverts in this format so that they can make their message loud and clear!

Display ad format enables people to incorporate the photograph of the deceased along with the information viz.

  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Survivor details
  • Details about the last rites and rituals, etc.

When we talk about advertisement in The Tribune newspaper; such ads provide very good reader response. Since the paper has a wide readership thus people from all walks of life read it.

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