Public Notice & Tender Notice Ads

For government organizations it is a mandatory requirement from the transparency point of view to publish a public notice in the newspaper format. This is for wider publicity and to ensure a better and higher response from bidders from anywhere in the world.

To ensure that everyone gets equal opportunity to participate in a tender and transparency is maintained. However, according to the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), tenders can now also be published on websites. Since the cost of a public notice in the newspaper format in a newspaper is not too high, it can be recovered from bidders by means of selling the tenders as tender documents fees makes it feasible.

The political party in power tries to control the press from writing against them by not giving tender notice advertisement if the concerned newspaper publishes articles against the government.

Public notice ad in newspaper format

Newspaper ads, public notices and tender advertisements offer open invitations to buy or sell goods/services/contracts/other business opportunities. Those interested in supplying what has been advertised can respond to a tender and submit whatever is their most competitive offer. Usually, the lowest offer gets the tender or if they are subject to special circumstances.

Types of tenders

Open tender – This form allows anyone to participate who can fulfil the minimum pre-qualification specified criterion in the tender document to qualify. They lose if they do not meet the prequalification criteria and also the document fees already paid. It is necessary that open tenders are advertised in a newspaper. Usually, the lowest bidder wins the contract.

Closed or limited tender – Where closed or limited tenders are concerned, pre-qualified or empanelled bidders are allowed to participate. As limited tenders are not advertised in newspapers, other bidders generally do not come to know that such a tender has been floated. Here, too, the lowest bidder generally wins the contract.

International Competitive Bidding (ICB) – International companies from outside India can also participate in such Indian tenders.

National Competitive Bidding (NCB) – Only Indian or local companies can participate in such tenders. Companies registered outside India cannot participate.

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