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Ajit Punjabi is a Punjabi broadsheet daily newspaper published in Jalandhar with a circulation of 384,973 copies.

Ajit Punjabi Display Ads

Ajit Punjabi Classified and Display Advertisement Booking Online

It carries ads in various categories like the following:

Ajit Punjabi Matrimonial: Just what you need when looking for the ideal bride or groom for your marriageable son or daughter: The matrimonial section of Ajit every Sunday is one of the most frequently referred to and is among the most sought after categories.


Ajit Punjabi Matrimonial Ads

Ajit Punjabi Change of Name: If circumstances like marriage, change of religion, assuming a new identity, becoming an author or film actor, or even a misspelling in some earlier official document, the process of legalising the change requires newspaper advertisement in an English and vernacular daily which makes Ajit Punjabi ideal.

Name Change Ads

Display Ads for Ajit Punjabi

Ajit Punjabi Obituary: When you lose someone close to you, opt for the simple and time-saving medium of Ajit Punjabi to convey the loss to family and acquaintances within and around Punjab and invite them to chauthas, prayer meetings, mass services, commemorations and the like.

Ajit Punjabi Education: With India’s rapidly growing economy, the need for education becomes imperative. So it is time to advertise your schools, education institutions, coaching centres or new courses and classes in a newspaper like Ajit Punjabi.

Education Ads

Ajit Punjabi Property: To sell, purchase, rent or lease property, place your advertisement in the property classified section of Ajit Punjabi.

Ajit Punjabi Newspaper Ads

Ajit Punjabi Recruitment: Filling urgent vacancies and hiring the most suitable candidates becomes simple when you place recruitment advertisements in Ajit Punjabi.

recruitment ads

Ajit Punjabi Business: Because India’s business sector is growing so rapidly, it is important for different companies to maintain the competitive edge. So promote your new business initiatives or launches by placing business ads in Ajit Punjabi.

Ajit Punjabi Tour and Travel: To advertise your travel company and cater to travelling customers’ needs for a comfortable travelling experience, book your ads in Ajit Punjabi.

Ajit Punjabi Situation Wanted: If you are looking for a job or a job-change in the same city or outside it, post your requirements in the ‘Situation Wanted’ section of Ajit Punjabi to expect responses from desired readers.

Ajit Punjabi Display Ad Booking Online

Ajit Punjabi Services: When looking for such professional services as provided by a private detective, construction contractor, acting or modelling agency, just place a classified ad under the ‘Services’ section of Ajit Punjabi.

Ajit Punjabi Astrology: Ajit Punjabi has a special classified section reserved for astrological ads. Because Ajit Punjabi is one of the highly circulated newspapers in the region, you can look forward to maximum clients and relevant responses.

Ajit Punjabi Entertainment: The right section to release fitness and lifestyle ads is ”Entertainment’ in Ajit Punjabi. It carries ads on beauty salons, herbal therapy parlours, yoga training institutes, spas and gyms and will spread your services to build your business.

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So, depend on this fingertip facility when placing an Ajit Punjabi newspaper advertisement.

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