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Without advertising, business would fall flat. There are all kinds of media through which advertising can be done – outdoor (banners, hoardings and the like), electronic (like TV, radio and the internet) and the time tested print (newspapers, magazines, even leaflets). The most cost-effective of these is newspapers.

Why book business ads in newspapers?

Newspaper advertisements have contributed heavily to the flourishing newspaper business. No wonder nowadays, newspapers are allotting most of their space to advertisers seeking to advertise their products and services. This is how advertising helps business to rule global economy today – especially in India where business is growing exponentially.

Regardless of its size – small, medium or big – every business is eagerly seeking opportunities to improve its corporate standing and brand image. This has been pushed by the increasing competitiveness for each organisation to dominate others in the same field in the market. Hence, the need for business ads in newspapers.

Business Advertisement

For this reason, newspapers are now diversifying the ways by which they can serve businesses needing to advertise. They are now going beyond classified columns – which are of two kinds. One is the black and white text ad and the other is the display classified ad which can be enhanced with colour and small visuals to make the ads more eye-catching. The third option is the display ad which has no restrictions on size and colour or page. It depends entirely on the budget allocation.

What is more, having become a critical marketing tool, newspapers are specially providing separate opportunities for advertisers to segregate their options to meet different kinds of buyers in separate categories. These include: property, education, finance, wedding arrangements, beauty parlours, tender notices, travel and tourism, business, situations vacant, retail, computers and many others.

They are also providing free supplementary pull-outs on specific days for special categories.

Business advertising in The Times of India

Being the English newspaper with the largest circulation (over 3.5 million copies per day) in the world, The Times of India also has the biggest readership backed by the most editions from 41 locations across the country. This is what gives The Times of India newspaper ads a reach that cannot be matched by any other English daily. Making it more attractive to advertise in its pages, The Times of India periodically offers discounts and special packages for different categories of business.

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