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Why you should promote your business through newspaper advertising

No matter what the size of your business is – micro, small, medium or large (including multinational corporations) – you can make it grow in only one way: through promotion of its goods, services or events. This promotion activity can take a multitude of forms. The most important is careful consideration of the various media […]

In business? Advertise – to flourish or perish!

In business? Advertise – to flourish or perish! Whether you’re in business, it could be to sell products, services, ideas or anything else that others will buy from you. If they do, you will flourish – you will make more money. If they don’t, you will perish – you will lose the money you spent […]

Why business ads make business sense

When small businessmen have a product or service to interest buyers or users in, their best option is to put a business ad in the newspapers. That will increase the exposure of his product or brand to a wider public. That exposure could lead to enquiries and increased demand of what the businessman offers. That […]